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Outsourcing Appn Service

Business and Technology Services

V3iT’s Business & Technology Services creates a plan that provides a business-aligned technology framework for how your company can reach information technology (IT) applications and infrastructure efficiencies.

Business Process Outsourcing Services

Business Intelligence
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V3iT’s Business Intelligence Services takes your architecture, processes, technologies and tools and helps you employ them to decipher your organization’s raw data and to turn this data into meaningful, accurate and up-to-date information that you can use to make better business decisions.

Use this service to:

  • Discover the power of information through enhanced processes, tools, analytics and measurements
  • Turn raw data into targeted and meaningful information for better decision making and to drive positive business change
  • Provide the right people with the right information to drive top- and bottom-line growth
  • Increase sales 20 to 75 percent and raise gross margin up to 13 percent with better sales information
  • Save 15 to 40 percent by reducing the number of servers and by building a consistent, integrated data warehouse
  • Manage your business activities and performance at a glance with analytic dashboards
  • Achieve return on investment 40 percent faster when using managed data warehouse systems
  • Organizations using analytic applications realize returns between 17 and 2,000 percent

Available portfolio of Business Intelligence Services

  • Data acquisition and integration – Provides consistent view of the business, a “single version of the truth”
  • Data repository – Simplifies data management through a centralized information store
  • Data delivery – Provides the right information to the right users at the right time via the channel of the user’s choice
  • Analytics – Provides insight into business activities, processes or customers through reports, analyses and dashboards
  • Metadata management – Manages data definitions and specifications within the information management environment.
  • Cost reduction – Uses Alliance partnerships, best practices, reusable templates, and deep skills in the top BI tools to deliver leveraged, flexible technology, leading to quicker implementation

Content Management
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V3iT’s Enterprise Content Management Integration Services provides an integrated approach for managing all content-related processes across an extended enterprise.

Use this service to:

  • Provide an integrated approach for managing all content-related processes for any type of content
  • Decrease costs while optimizing investment in intellectual capital
  • Enable new product development and enhance brand management
  • Reduce response time and increase customer service

Available portfolio of Content Management Services

  • Records management
  • Document management
  • Web content management
  • Digital/Media asset management
  • Technical documentation services
  • Collaborative content creation

Portal Composite Application
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V3iT’s Composite Application and Portal Services enables knowledge users to make faster, better business decisions by leveraging an enterprise's applications, information, processes and communities of interest through a single point of access.

Use this service to:

  • Unlock enterprise information through customized, integrated applications
  • Enhance communication by linking communities of interest through a single point of access
  • Speed innovation, enhance productivity and customer relationships and increase sales through personalized, targeted content
  • Realize up to 100 percent return on investment (ROI) in one year by consolidating disparate portals and Web sites and implementing content management
  • Optimize information flow and retrieval to accelerate decision making.
  • Reduce errors and speed business cycles through process automation and self service.
  • Eliminate 10-20 percent of content creation effort and reduce inconsistencies and out-of-date content through reuse of digital assets.
  • Reduce the amount of rework in your organization.

Available portfolio of Portal/Composite Applications

  1. Assessment Services.
    • Strategy and architectural assessments
    • Development and Deployment Services
  2. Architecture design and strategy services.
    • User experience services
    • Web parts and portlet development
    • Search technologies enablement
    • Identity management and directory services enablement
  3. Maintenance Services.
    • Hosted solutions enablement
    • Hosted services
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