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Enterprise Services

Enterprise Application Implementation
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Today’s businesses understand the value and importance of enterprise software solutions provided by companies like Oracle and SAP. V3iT’s Enterprise Application Implementation Services helps you get the most out of your investments with services that configure, implement and upgrade enterprise applications and technology.

Use this service to:

  • Transform business processes using enterprise applications.
  • Increase operational efficiency while reducing support services costs.
  • Improve delivery of finance, accounting, logistics, human capital management, Supply Chain Management and Customer-Relationship Management (CRM) support services across the enterprise.

Available Portfolio of Enterprise Application Implementation Services

  • Implementation Services – Helps transform your business by redesigning business processes as well as implementing and configuring best-in-class enterprise applications and technology.
  • Upgrade Services – Helps keep your enterprise software current with product and technology lifecycles, while taking advantage of new features developed for the enterprise system.
  • Consolidation Services – Streamlines number of ERP instances a client runs, leading to dramatic business and operational efficiencies.
  • Enhancement Services – Helps add new functionality to your existing enterprise system by enabling new modules or by integrating existing modules with other business functions.

Enterprise Application Management Services
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V3iT’s Enterprise Application Management Services provides ongoing functional and application support of integrated enterprise application software packages such as SAP and Oracle.

Use this service to:

  • Visibility into your applications.
  • Reduced support costs and increased productivity.
  • Enhanced performance and reliability.
  • Consistency in methodology and services.
  • Improved flexibility and scalability.
  • Better protect and maximize enterprise applications investments.

Available portfolio of Modernization services

  • Performance Management – To address the full scope of your enterprise application management needs, V3iT applies innovative delivery solutions to effectively manage performance.
  • Service Excellence – We offer our clients guaranteed service levels, best practices in service excellence and real-time service updates for tracking. Our client dashboard shows a consistently high approval rating on all our applications-related work. V3iT client executives study the dashboard daily, taking immediate corrective actions to ensure your support stays on course.
  • Global Integrated Delivery – V3iT’s tiered delivery approach provides a seamless On-Site/Offsite/Offshore leveraged delivery model employing common processes and tools and Centers of Excellence to ensure you receive cost-effective, consistent delivery no matter where your ERP/CRM application is supported.
  • Breadth of Services – We offer global scope and scale – from consulting and implementation of ERP software through ongoing management and hosting to outsourcing of non-core business processes.
  • Proven Services Tailored to Meet Client's Needs – Our flexibility allows us to match each client’s desired features/options and service levels, with the right delivery location mix to meet specific business objectives.
  • Experts in Managing Complexity – We are experts at managing the complexity related to Enterprise Application Software – from the applications and infrastructure to the business and people processes that have to be included in the change management program.
  • Alliances – V3iT has established strategic alliances with the world’s leading ERP/CRM/SCM/SRM solution providers enabling our clients to leverage V3iT’s leading expertise in managing these solutions.
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