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Technology can no longer be considered an isolated function. It’s engrained in the economics of your business. It’s required to achieve your business objectives. It’s vital to the success of your supply chain and manufacturing productivity. But to be successful in the face of fast-paced change, technology must also be agile enough to support business changes that fuel growth and a competitive advantage. As enterprises demand agility, modernization becomes both the key and the challenge for future success.

V3iT Can Help Manage the Challenge of the Decade – Modernization.

Building for the future doesn’t have to mean building from scratch. It’s about integration. Since modernization cannot happen overnight, legacy systems will continue to be an important part of the systems environment. The key is to leverage your current investments and expertise, while pushing toward the new environment.

Modernization is a journey that requires the right architecture. Renewed legacy systems and newly developed functionality can be integrated to work in new ways through a service oriented architecture (SOA). SOA enables technology to be more responsive to the demands of the business because flexible, standards-based components can be developed, combined and deployed rapidly.

As SOA becomes a critical enabler for agile business processes, enterprises must take a holistic approach to modernization. Modernizing only the applications will lead to high overall costs and negatively impact performance and quality. The applications and the infrastructure are inseparable when it comes to quality, availability and agility of the business processes. The entire platform must support agile business processes. Modern applications require a modern infrastructure.

Overcoming the Modernization Challenge

V3iT works with you to create a roadmap that addresses all your critical applications and infrastructure requirements. It will be aligned to your overall modernization program but also offer the flexibility to execute individual projects with their own return on investment (ROI).

With V3iT, you’ll have a partner with experience that spans the past, present and future:

Past – As the legacy systems were being phased out – we just got just in time and hence V3iT knows legacy systems and their complex environments. We've successfully applied our methodology with many of our clients so we know our consistent approach to enterprise application modernization works.

Present – V3iT has the frameworks, processes and resources and moreover centers of excellence to design modernization programs and individual integration projects.

Future – V3iT understands how the new modernized applications perform and should be managed, and we have the assets and expertise in areas that will shape the future, including SOA.

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