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The Gold program is for a fixed slot of time where you or your resources require a helping hand in times of your need and when you have crucial deadlines to meet and there is a resource crunch.

For example, your SAP Basis Administrators are busy for a period in time, when you are going through an SAP technical upgrade.

You have estimated the technical upgrade is going to take 3 months to complete.

You need resources under your supervision to take care of the routine tasks of monitoring, system corrections, transports and all other mundane tasks for a fixed amount of time.

We provide you that support at a fixed price, dedicating a fixed number of resources for that time period that your resources do the upgrade.

Advantage here is we shadow your resources perhaps on-site for a week, if you have never availed of our services, at no cost to you, bring the resources back off-site and share the know-how with our offsite/offshore resources. Most companies will charge you even for this. We don't.

If you already have been our customer, we would not need to do this again and again and hence you can easily pass the baton to us in any marathon you runĀ and it can be for a few weeks to a few months.

No long term contract is needed for you to sign in our gold program and no notice is required for you to start the service, if you have already availed our services before. Just pick up the phone or send us a message via email and we will commence the services with no time wasted.

Quality service is always paramount to us and you don't have to bear the costs of us learning on your systems.

Also your employee morale remains high as they learn to work with the latest and greatest.

As with our other services, the cost is fixed and not ticking by the hour.