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Portals are efficient means of displaying all data that one needs to conduct the business and use the data in a most presentable manner.

We used site maps, storyboards, style guides, grey-line prototypes and full working prototypes to develop and communicate the user flow of the systems and the look and feel of the systems.

We also carried out usability testing using a combination of individual and group sessions, feeding back design change requirements in a rapid iterative fashion.

Standard ERP processes such as order to cash, quote to cash, procure to pay, plan to procure and several such processes require data coming from various means into the portals to get all data at one place from various systems thereby improving the efficiency.

Aesthetics and ergonomics.

A fundamental aspect of knowledge management is capturing knowledge and expertise created by knowledge workers as they go about their work and making it available to a larger community of colleagues.

EyeVu can support these goals, and help you build knowledge portals have emerged as a key tool for supporting knowledge work.

Knowledge portals are single-point-access software systems intended to provide easy and timely access to information and to support communities of knowledge workers who share common goals.