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nTegRat is our EAI/XI/PI accelerator.

Our EAI Accelerator nTegRat is an open and agnostic SOA integration suite that runs on J2EE application servers. nTegRat offers a complete Enterprise Service Bus with comprehensive open standards-based integration and connectivity. It offers a unified, integrated modeling environment that combines enterprise-class BPM and the most open ESB. nTegRat offers complete Enterprise Service Bus capabilities, including connectors to legacy applications, transformation tools, and BPEL-based orchestration. It also provides standards-based web service enablement well-suited for projects that require system-to-system orchestration of both web services and legacy systems.

It offers rich Business Process Management (BPM), and event-driven SOA capabilities that are uniquely suited for projects that require enterprise-class scalability across diverse platforms, long-lived business processes, and human-oriented workflow. Last but not the least it delivers capabilities to not only detect the process exceptions but to resolve them automatically and reinsert the corrected transaction back into the normal process flow for completion. It offers rule-based, model-driven process error resolution capabilities and workflow-based, guided manual resolution.

As each EAI need and solution is diverse, our teams work with you to use these template solutions and customize for your purpose, so that you can deploy the same for your use at your site without going through a complete integration project.